High Wedding Trend: Damask Wedding Favors

Damask is a weaving technique that was founded by the Byzantine and Islamic weaving centers of the middle Ages. The term « damask » was chosen by traders because it was an ornamental patterned silk. A satin fabric thought to be created in Damascus. It is said that the name comes from Damascus, Syria. Weavers were brought into Italy to produce this pattern. By the 1600′s fine linens were being produced in Belgium and the Netherlands. France was producing damask in the 1700′s. During this time, damask was a popular item used for ladies and menswear. In earlier days brightly colored fabric which used metallic and gold thread that added beauty to fabric. The wealthy and privileged were known to use this fabric.

Judges and clergymen wore robes made of damask fabric. Priests would wear long white silk robes that they used for liturgy. It was even believed that the Crusaders secretly brought the pope damask fabric back with them from the crusades. Today, brides and designers use damask when they want a touch of elegance and luxury. Damask wedding favors add a touch of class.

Damask wedding favors are extremely popular these days. They have been used for both bridal showers and weddings. Their designs add a taste of elegance and sophistication. For a parting gift at bridal showers you can’t go wrong with a box candy favor tin with a damask design.

A more contemporary use for damask is for napkins and tablecloths. Nothing says elegance more than a pure white damask tablecloth. Damask can also be used for draperies, curtains, upholstery and bedding.

Black and white is a popular color for pokemon go cheats tool damask wedding favors. Unique ideas for damask themes for wedding favors would be designed candles your guests could take home after the wedding. These candles are perfect to give the wedding a unique look. You can also purchase damask picture frames to capture the memories of your special day and give your pictures some flair. You can also purchase damask coasters that your guests can take home after traffic racer cheats tool the wedding as a parting gift.

Another popular item is damask place card holders. This will give your wedding that dramatic flair. Black and white damask themed ideas for your wedding are a great way for you and your guests to remember your wedding. Not only are they a great way for you to decorate your place setting for weddings, but also dinner parties, birthday parties or a holiday get together. With a damask party favor you can make any event a special and stylish one right down to the last detail.

Damask hungry shark world hack cydia weddings have gained popularity for 2010. Major bridal manufacturers have released this classic elegant pattern and it is one of the top sellers. It is known as a pattern of royalty. Damask fabric has beauty and versatility which assures that not only will it continue to grow in popularity and have a place in our history, but it will have a place in our future as well.

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