Highest Paying Jobs That Also Offer Low Stress Environments

An increasing number of job hunters within the United States are looking not only for best paying careers, but also jobs that offer relatively stress free environments. Since the highest paying jobs may bring in the money not all careers offer the same levels of job satisfaction.

Here are some of the best jobs in the United States that also offer low stress environments.

1. Mathematicians
With a stress tolerance score of 57.3; mathematicians essentially conduct research in the field of fundamental mathematics or in the application of mathematical techniques in the field of management, engineering, science, etc. The average annual salary of a mathematician is line rangers cheats hack USD 101,360. You can apply for jobs in the government with a bachelor’s or master’s degree but may spider man unlimited hack need a doctorate to work in the private sector.

2. Political Scientists
With a stress tolerance of 60.1 and one of the highest paying jobs in US that are also stress free, political scientists make about USD 102,000 per annul. They are responsible traffic racer hack cydia to study the origin, development and analyze various political trends and systems. You can apply for a job with the help of a Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD in public administration, political science and any other related field.

3. Astronomers
Astronomer jobs are known to have a stress tolerance level of 62. They make on an average of USD 96,460 per annul and are responsible to observe, study and interpret astronomical events and enhance existing knowledge base for practical applications. While it is possible to get a job with a bachelor’s degree, most astronomers tend to acquire master’s and PhDs as well.

4. Law Teachers
Law teachers earn about USD 99,950 per annul and have exhibited a stress tolerance level of 62.8. They are essentially responsible to teach various courses in the field of law. Anyone with a bachelor’s as well as a law degree can apply for this job.

5. Economist
Economists enjoy a stress tolerance level of 63.3 and make an average of 91,860 USD per annul. They are responsible for the study of the production and distribution of various resources, goods and services within a specific economy. A bachelor’s degree is sufficient to find a job in this field.

6. Actuaries
The field of actuarial science involves the analyzing and financial cost of risk and uncertainty. Getting a job in this field requires a bachelor’s degree with a series of other exams to become certified. The stress tolerance levels of this career are 63.8 and the average annual salary is USD 93,680.

7. Engineers
Engineers are expected make effective use of their knowledge in science and math to design economical solutions for technical issues. Engineering jobs are available with just a bachelor’s degree. The stress tolerance levels for engineers are 69.5 and the annual average salary in this discipline ranges around USD 92,030.

8. Dental Hygienists
Among the best careers when it comes to working in low stress environments, this job offers a stress tolerance level as high as 71.3. However, salaries are rather low at USD 70,210 per annul. As a dental hygienist you are responsible to clean teeth and examine patients for oral diseases.

Other careers with low stress levels include that of urban planners and optometrists.
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